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Purchasing The Natural Vs The Lab Formed Diamonds

Over the years, there have been many alternatives to diamonds that have come up. People refer to them as fake, synthetic, or simulated or man made diamonds. The simulated diamonds look like the stones which only resemble the diamonds, such as the cubic zirconia and many more.

The relationship between the lab diamonds and the synthetic diamonds

Lab diamonds are not synthetic ones. There exist the best fake diamonds that can confuse you that are mostly made from the labs. The lab-made diamonds resemble the actual ones and have similar properties. They only differ from the synthetic ones since they are made from the laboratories. The natural diamond on the other hand is made from the earth.

Synthetic diamonds act as alternatives to real diamonds. The most common ones include the spinel and the cubic zirconia.

What is a natural diamond?

These diamonds are made from carbon and the hardest natural substance on the earth. It takes them a period of time for them to be formed. It estimated it takes them three billion years and 85 miles below the mantle of the earth under natural conditions that have very high temperatures and pressures.

Once the diamonds have been formed in the underground conditions, it will travel using the molten rock to the surface of the earth., where they are mined, refined, and turned into beautiful jewelry and can also be used for industrial reasons.

What is the lab diamond?

A lab or a man-made diamond is created under the same conditions that involve very high pressures and temperatures. First, there is a selection of the diamond seed and needs to undergo very extreme conditions in a lab environment. It will take very few weeks for the diamonds to crystallize to a complete full rough diamond.

After this process, it is cut and polished. In the end, you will get a diamond that is similar and have the optical properties of the natural diamond. You will also get the same chemical and optical properties of the natural diamond.

Lab vs simulated diamonds

Simulated diamonds are not authentic and real as the original diamonds since they have been manufactured or altered. The simulated ones include; cubic zirconia, white sapphire, moissanite, and many more.

Lab-grown diamonds, on the other hand, are made using similar physical and chemical properties as a natural diamond would have. The difference is they are made by man and are not made in nature. Simulated diamonds are chemically manufactured but the positive thing about them is that they are less expensive and have diamond optical properties.

Benefits of buying the lab and natural diamonds

Benefits of natural diamonds

There exists numerous benefits for the purchasing of a natural diamond for the engagement ring. They include;

• The value of the natural diamond will increase over time with inflation. The bigger the diamond, the rare to find it is and will result in very good investments.

• The natural diamonds have been bought and sold for a lot of years as compared to the lab diamonds ensuring the pricing is more stable over a period of time.

• Natural diamonds usually appreciate more quickly in value.

Benefits of lab diamonds

Lab diamonds are man-made diamonds that are made by a man using advanced technological processes. The following are the benefits of the lab diamonds.

• They are similar to natural diamonds which take plenty of years to form. The result is just the same.

• Due to the alternatives offered by the scientists the supply chain is usually short hence the reduction of the cost for the end consumers.

• They have less effect on the environment because the diamonds go through the fewer hands

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