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What Is A Placeholder Ring?

The wedding ring has been an important aspect of the marriage life of individuals. The history of exchanging rings dates back a long time ago. The diamond engagement has been used for wedding proposals since 1477 according to Wikipedia.

The practice has been continuing for a very long period of time now. However, the majority of the couples now concentrate on the very different rings. Some people tend to wear the placeholder rings rather than the real diamond ones.

We however need to know what are the placeholder ring is. In this article, we are going to discuss all you need to know about placeholder rings.

What is a placeholder ring?

You may be asking yourself what is a placeholder ring for proposal. As it just sounds, it is not the thing you will be wearing for the rest of your life as they are temporary engagement rings. On the other hand, the good quality placeholder rings look pleasant, they are usually made from the low costs material.

The placeholder rings have numerous names such as the stand-in engagement ring, engagement ring, and the temporary presentation ring. People love them since they are not expensive and are majorly used for proposals before buying a proper expensive ring to ensure the final product is great.

Benefits of the placeholder rings

You may be thinking about why you need to do to choose to wear a placeholder ring over the real ring. But they have numerous benefits that we need to know that we have discussed below.

It is great to propose with

These placeholder rings will be able to reduce the stress of the groom. You will have to think very hard rationally as a lot of men are not in the habit of putting on the diamonds and are also not mind readers. A lot of people may not be aware of the type of rings their partners love. They are afraid that they may buy a ring worth thousands of dollars only for their partners to not like them.

Placeholders are very cheap from the start. If you finally succeed to propose, then you can go shopping. And if you are not able to afford a ring to put on, your partner will have an alternative to wear while saving up.

You will have a ring on your finger when waiting for the real one

If your partner proposes using the placeholder ring, then you will definitely have something to put it on while waiting for the real one and receiving it. And if there are chances that the real ones do not fit you when they purchase, you have something to put on your finger.

Either way, you will have evidence to show off that you are engaged.

You will not lose the real ring

There exists a lot of people that do a lot of work using their hands. When the ring fails to fit right or you are forced to put it off and on there is a very high chance that you will lose it in the future. You will also avoid the loss in case you are going on vacation in a place that has a very high crime rate.

You will not damage the ring either

Putting on the placeholder ring will help you avoid worrying about damaging the precious diamond ring that can be left behind. It however does not means that you will wear the actual rings for the actual occasion.

You can ward off unwanted suitors

These placeholder rings are not only for the couples but for the single ones. Women are vulnerable as everyone wants to talk to them. If you find yourself not liking to be talked to or unnecessary advances, you need to get the placeholder ring.

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